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Bladder Scan in Tamaqua, PA

Bladder Scan in Tamaqua, PA

A bladder scan is a simple, quick, painless procedure that uses ultrasound technology to see how much urine is inside your bladder. The test uses the same technology doctors use to see a baby inside its mother. Sound waves are sent out from a smooth wand that is passed over the skin and those waves communicate with a computer to create an image of structures inside the body.

A bladder scan is helpful in determining if your bladder is emptying completely. The test is commonly used after urinary surgeries, hysterectomies and other procedures to ensure proper function of the bladder muscle. Bladder scanning may also help doctors or nurses decide if a catheter should be placed to drain urine.

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How is a Bladder Scan Completed?

  • A bladder scan may be done in an office, clinic or hospital. The test is done at the bedside.
  • You will lay on your back with your clothes either removed or pulled slightly down at the waist. You only need to expose your lower abdomen for the test.
  • Some cold gel may be placed on the scanner wand or on your abdomen to help the wand move easily
  • The wand is laid against the skin and the machine will create a picture of the bladder on a small screen. Sometimes the machine will calculate a number showing how many milliliters of urine is in the bladder.
  • The test should only take a few minutes.
  • When the test is over, you may sit up and get dressed if needed.

Why a Bladder Scan is Important

Bladder scanning may be used along with other tests to check the health and function of your bladder. If the bladder is not emptying properly, you could get an infection  so it is important to have the test if your doctor recommends it.

Bladder scans are a reliable, affordable and easy way to make sure your body is working properly.

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