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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Ann Arbor, MI

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Ann Arbor, MI

In terms of the media and mainstream medical communities, male sexual dysfunction (such as erectile dysfunction) receives the majority of the coverage. Despite of that fact, female sexual dysfunction is a very real condition that numerous women deal with on an everyday basis.

Painful sex, inability to orgasm and  vaginal dryness can all manifest as female sexual dysfunction. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for female sexual dysfunction is a new treatment that may help you overcome sexual dysfunction and enjoy sex again. Schedule a sexual health consultation today: please call (248) 453-7229 or contact Robert Grafton online.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Female sexual health, like all aspects of health, is complex and delicate. While men are known to suffer from erectile dysfunction  and performance anxiety, women have a host of sexual issues they may face on their own. These include:

  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: Also known as low desire. With this condition, a woman suffers from an abnormally  low libido .
  • Female sexual arousal disorder: This issue and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder typically go hand-in-hand. With this condition women have trouble becoming aroused.
  • Female orgasmic disorder: Women who suffer from Female Orgasmic Disorder can have sex comfortably, but have trouble achieving orgasm.
  • Dyspareunia: Also known simply as painful sex, this condition can cause intercourse to be a painful and frustrating ordeal.

What do all of these conditions have in common? They make enjoyable sex difficult or impossible and they are all treatable! If you're suffering from one of these disorders and would like to discuss the PRP, please call (248) 453-7229 or contact Robert Grafton online.

PRP for Women's Sexual Health

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an exciting new treatment for female sexual dysfunction. This treatment uses platelet rich plasma (PRP), a form of stem cells  to rejuvenate female sexual health.

Platelet rich plasma is created by stem cells drawn from your own blood stream. As part of the procedure, these stem cells are  to rejuvenate the female reproductive system and generate new tissue, similar to how PRP is utilized for facial skin. The procedure itself takes less than a half hour and features a few simple steps:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm
  • This blood is placed in a centrifuge that separates only platelet rich plasma
  • This plasma is injected in critical areas of your vagina
  • New, healthier vaginal tissue is generated
  • You may be on yor way to healthier, better sex!

Have Better Sex

Women no longer have to struggle with sexual dysfunction! While medical options have been available for men, there is now a female-specific treatment that utilizes powerful platelet rich plasma! If you're interested in trying this non-surgical treatment for sexual health, please call (248) 453-7229 or contact Robert Grafton online.

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