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Bladder Stone Treatment in Lincoln Park, NJ

Bladder Stones Treatment in Lincoln Park, NJ

Bladder stones are solid or semi-solid deposits that form in the bladder. Bladder stones, which are known medically as vesical calculus, can be very painful. If left untreated, some bladder stones can even deal lasting health damage.

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Bladder Stone Symptoms

Bladder stones vary greatly in size, shape and consistency. Because of this, some people may experience bladder stones that are completely asymptomatic, meaning they have no symptoms. Others, however, can have a bladder stone that causes serious problems.

Some common bladder stone symptoms include:

Bladder stones are more common in men, but can occur in women as well.

Bladder Stone Causes

Bladder stones are typically formed when the bladder fails to completely empty. This leads to the buildup of certain minerals and substances that lead to the formation of a calculus, or stone. Bladder function can be reduced for many reasons, including other health problems.

Bladder stone causes include:

If left untreated, bladder stones can cause immense pain and lead to health problems such as urinary tract infections and chronic bladder dysfunction.

Bladder Stone Treatment

Bladder stone treatment typically begins with tests to determine if a stone is present in the bladder. This can include:

Sometimes asymptomatic bladder stones are discovered when these tests are performed for a different reason. If a bladder stone is found, there are two primary treatment options: breaking the stone in to smaller pieces and removing it through surgery.

  • Bladder stones are most often broken apart through a procedure known cystolitholapaxy. During this procedure, a small tube (or scope) is inserted throught the urethra. Then after the bladder stone is located, lasers, ultrasound  or other techniques are used to break it apart, allowing the stone to be passed out of the body safely during normal urination.
  • Bladder stone surgery is typically reserved only for large or particularly hard stones. During this surgery, an incision is made in to the bladder and the stone is removed whole.

Request Bladder Stone Information

Bladder stones can be very painful and lead to major health problems. Request more information about bladder stone removal today: call (973) 777-3711 or contact Dr. Maged Boutros online.

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