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Libido Enhancement in Lincoln Park, NJ

Libido Enhancement in Lincoln Park, NJ

Low libido can affect men and women, spelling relationship problems as one partner may suddenly become withdrawn and lack the desire for sexual activity. While there are many tactics for combatting a low libido, such as couples counseling and hormone replacement therapy, prescribed medications could be just what you need to heighten your sexual desire.

Causes of Low Libido

The causes for low libido are varied for men and women.

For men, common causes of low libido can include:

  • Physical issues such as low testosterone and thyroid disorders
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, neurological disorders as well as chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, alcoholism and drug use
  • Mental health issues such as chronic stress and depression
  • Psychological causes such as concern about sexual performance
  • Reactions to certain medications such as those for hair loss
  • Interpersonal relationship issues

For women, common causes of low libido can include:

  • Physical issues such as hormonal changes related to menopause or childbirth
  • Medical conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and thyroid disorders
  • Mental health issues such as chronic stress and depression
  • Reactions to certain antidepressants, oral contraceptives and blood pressure medications
  • Age-related factors
  • Interpersonal relationship issues

Symptoms of Low Libido

Common symptoms of a low libido in men can include:

  • Inhibited sexual desire: a sudden decrease in desire for sexual activity
  • Low testosterone
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue

For women, common symptoms of a low libido can include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Sleep disturbances (insomnia)
  • Emotional changes such as mood swings or irritability
  • A change in sexual interest or response
  • Problems with concentration and memory that may be linked to sleep loss and / or fluctuating hormones
  • Rapid, or irregular, heartbeat (tachycardia)

Treatment of Low Libido

Several libido enhancement medications can be prescribed for both men and women. Those who suffer from a low libido lack a natural desire for sex and therefore libido enhancement products aim to increase your sexual desire through a number of ways including the increase of sex hormone production.

The specific approach to increasing sexual desire through the use of these products also differ for men and women. Products for men often aim at increasing stamina and sex drive through increasing blood flow to the penis. Products for women, on the other hand, often aim at combatting vaginal dryness, or improving sensitivity and increasing sexual stimulation by increasing blood flow to the clitoris or external genitalia.

As men and women, as well as individuals, differ, consulting your healthcare professional about your low libido concerns is the safest and most effective method to improve your sex drive. Your healthcare provider can prescribe safe and effective medications to improve sexual function in both men and women.

For men, common prescriptions include:

  • Erectile dysfunction medications such as TriMix-gel® and Viagra®, which help improve erectile function by increasing blood flow to the penis
  • Premature ejaculation medications such as Promescent®, a topical spray applied to the penis that reduces sensitivity and allows for more ejaculation control

For women, common remedies include:

  • Treatments for female anorgasmia or sexual dysfunction such as Scream Cream®, a topical cream that, when applied to the clitoris or external genitalia, helps increase blood flow by improving sensitivity
  • Treatments for vaginal dryness, frequently occurring in older women after menopause, such as vaginal estrogens creams 
  • Over-the-counter enhancement pills and Addyi®, an FDA-approved non-hormonal prescription medication designed for women who have not gone through menopause  

A diminished sex drive is not a life sentence. Enjoy your sex life again with prescription medication that works. Request more information about libido enhancement products today. Call (973) 777-3711 or contact Je Lu Ja Spa online.

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